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This world that we have created as a 'collective unconsciousness' can only be healed by the active intention of individuals who wish to transform the world through their own lives and of course this can feel daunting, confusing and overwhelming. So we ask you to contemplate and answer honestly the following personal and potentially powerful questions; Are you truly sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you willing to give yourself the compassion and understanding you seek from others? Do you wish to become a fully conscious and whole human being? If you answered YES to any of the above you are ready to dive deep into the mystery and majesty of your True Self! And what is the True Self? It is the eternal and divinely intelligent aspect of you that has been untouched by your human story and its pain.It is your Soul! It's time for each of us to learn how to receive the grace and guidance of our own Souls, so we may return to the empowered beings of love and goodness that we have always been. … Read More...

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Glastonbury ,Glasgow & London~ Sacred Soul Tour March 2017

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